Teacher Appreciation Flower Brooch Tutorial

Every time I go down the ribbon aisle at the local craft store I am amazed at the variety of cute ribbons they have. Well when I saw this measuring tape ribbon I knew I had to get it and make a flower. This flower pin would be a really cute gift for teacher appreciation day. It is easy to make because it doesn’t require and sewing and the ribbon it pretty inexpensive.

Approx 9 ft. of Measuring Tape Ribbon*
Glue Gun
Felt 2-small pieces in two different colors
Pinking Shears (optional)
1″ pin
Button for the center

*I used a spool of Offray 5/8″ ribbon that I purchased at AC Moore. I did a search on the web and there seem to be a lot of ribbon options. I would suggest that you don’t use anything wider than .75″.

  1. Cut a 1.5″ circle out of the felt using the pinking shears. If you don’t have pinking shears normal scissors work just fine.
  2. Using the ribbon, cut twenty to twenty-four 3″ strips and five to six 2″ strips. Note: this can vary depending on the width of your ribbon and how tightly you glue your flower petals together.
  3. Using your glue gun, with right sides out glue the ends of one of the 3″ strips together. Repeat this step with the remaining strips including the 2″ pieces.
  4. Take one of your larger 3″ petal loops and glue it to the edge outer edge of the felt. Repeat with petals slightly overlapping them until the outer edge is covered (I used approx. 10 petals on the outer loop). Repeat this step with the larger petals, circling around from the outside in until the  flower is nice and full of 4″ petals.
  5. Now take your smaller petals and circle them in the center filling petal gaps.
  6. Glue the button to the center. Note: I used a shank button for my center so I first had to remove the “shank” part of the button by cutting it off. Luckily my shank was plastic but you might have to use heavier metal clipping tools if your button is metal. Or the easier option would be to use a flat button.
  7. Turn your flower over and glue the pin to the center of the felt backer. Take your second color of felt and cut a small heart, use this to glue over the pin back to make a sweet little addition to the back of the pin. Note: To cut the felt heart I just took a piece of felt, folded it in half and cut a heart and trimmed it where necessary (like I did with paper when I was a kid).


Leaf Tag

If you want to make a leaf tag you can download a pdf of the the file by clicking here. You will need to print it on card stock paper. Cut around the outside of the shape along the cyan lines then cut two slits where indicated to anchor the pin.

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1 thought on “Teacher Appreciation Flower Brooch Tutorial”

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