Painted Saddle Shoes

Want a cheap way to have some cute summer shoes? Turn a cheap pair of  white canvas tennis shoes (I got mine for less than $6) into cute saddle shoes! Usually saddle shoes are black and white, however since you are creating them you can paint them in any color

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Creating handmade fantasy hats, crowns and fascinators.

Design by Night creates fantasy feather and flower hair accessories, brooches and hats for women and men. A wide range of steampunk, fantasy and cosplay head gear can be found at Design by Night, including hand-formed teacup fascinators and hats of curiosity (vampire hunter, cartographer hats, etc.).Among our treasures you can find fairy crowns, day of the dead flower crowns, pirate hats and mermaid, woodland, steampunk and garden inspired accessories.

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Steampunk and Fantasy Showcase

Steampunk and Fantasy Showcase

Steampunk and Fantasy Showcase is for the second time featuring in Central PA, an event extraordinaire for the celebration of…

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16 November