No Sew Zipper Flower

This zipper flower is easy and quick to make and best yet…no sewing! It would make a great hair accessory, brooch or maybe an adornment to a purse or bag. I will leave the final project decision up to you. But if you do make any of these I would love for you to contact me and send your pictures of what you made the flower into!

Plus, if you want to make this with your child but don’t want to use hot glue you could totally use fabric glue. It would just take a little longer because you would have to hold the petals until the glue dries.


  • 12″ of zipper in two colors (24″ all together)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Headband
  1. Separate the zipper, pulling apart the teeth to make two pieces, you should have four 12″ strips of zipper pieces now.  If you bought a packaged zipper, you will have to cut bottom end off of the zipper and remove the sliding “zipper” piece.
  2. Out of the felt cut one 1.5″ circle. Out of each color cut ONE SET of the following:
    • Three 4″ pieces (8 total)
    • Two 3″ pieces (6 total)
    • One 6″ piece (2 total)
  3. Taking the hot glue, put a dab at the base of one of the cut edges. Place the other raw edge on top of the glue making sure the top side of the glued edge is glued to the bottom side of the other edge (see images below). Repeat with remaining 4″ and 3″ pieces.
  4. Taking one set of the 4″ petals, glue them to the felt base making a triangle.

  5. Take the second color set and glue between the other petals. Take the 3″ petals and glue on top of the flower base making sure to alternate colors.
  6. Take one of the 6″ strips left and start to roll the zipper on itself making sure to glue it occasionally to hold its round shape. Make sure to secure the end properly and begin to glue the second color to the outside, continuing the roll to make a circular flower center.
  7. Put glue on the back of the zipper roll and glue it to the center of the flower.

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