Tweet Shoes Tutorial

I love cheap white canvas shoes in the summer. They are comfortable and cheap and with a little craft time they can be oh so cute.

This tutorial is a bit harder than some of my others because it requires that you have a very steady painting hand. So if you are not great with the paint brush you might want to try out my other canvas shoe tutorial which is much easier.

Canvas shoes (I bought mine from Walmart for $5.97)
Fabric Paint, color of your choice and black
Chartpak Ad Marker Blender Pen (with Zylene)
Fine tip paint brush and a flatter quarter inch brush
Laser Printer

  1. Print out the pattern below on a Laser Printer or copier. (Use the scale to make sure the print out is the correct size).  Note: the print out MUST BE FROM A LASER PRINTER OR COPIER TO WORK.

  2. Remove the shoe laces. Roughly cut out the patterns and tape in place on each shoe.

  3. In a WELL VENTILATED area, take the Chartpak maker and rub the back side to transfer the image to the shoe. You will have to go over the area several times, I rubbed each transfer for about a minute.

    Before you remove the pattern, pick up a corner and see how well the transfer is going. Depending on pressure and saturation your transfer might take more than a minute.

  4. Using your fine tip brush, carefully start to fill in Tweet and bird. Set aside to dry.

  5. After the Tweet is dried, start to paint the outside of the word bubble. Paint up to the stitches going around the shoe and down to where the canvas and rubber meet.

  6. On the bird shoe paint the middle part of the shoe inside of the front and back stitches. Do one side of the shoe and let it dry. Repeat with the second side after the paint is dried.

  7. On the Tweet shoe, paint the heal area of the shoe. Set aside to dry.

  8. Using the black paint and the fine point brush, add the feet, eye and wing to the bird as shown:

  9. Using the same paint and brush add some definition to the Tweet as shown below:

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1 thought on “Tweet Shoes Tutorial”

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