Painted Saddle Shoes

Want a cheap way to have some cute summer shoes? Turn a cheap pair of  white canvas tennis shoes (I got mine for less than $6) into cute saddle shoes! Usually saddle shoes are black and white, however since you are creating them you can paint them in any color you want. I picked a tiffany blue.


  • Canvas tennis shoes
  • Tulip soft Matte Paint
  • Paint brushes (I used two, one was a quarter inch flat brush and one was a round finer point brush)
  • Pencil
  • Paper towel
  • Scissors
  1. Download and print this template for the front of the shoes. Since shoes are 3-dimensional I cut my template out of a paper towel. This will allow you to mold it to the shoe.
  2. Remove the shoe laces.
  3. After you have cut the template out of a paper towel, place it on the shoe. The point should point to the center on the shoe’s laces. Trace the outline using a pencil on the shoe. Note: Since your shoe might be larger or smaller depending on the size you might need to tweak the template a bit. 

    Using the smaller round brush start to paint using the pencil mark as a guide. After you have the outline painted, use the flat brush to fill in the rest. Let the paint dry (an hour or two should be good).

  4. Next using the small brush carefully paint underneath the lip of the shoe and around the laces. You will be painting the middle area on each side of the laces. Let the paint dry.
  5. Starting at the center pointed tip of the front of the shoe, take the end of the clean round brush, dip it into the paint and lightly dab it on the shoe creating a dot. Note: Before you create the dots on the shoe I would suggest practicing on a paper towel or piece of paper until you get the hang of dot making. Dot down the side and then start on the other side until it is complete. Try to evenly space the dots.
  6. Using the same dot method that is in step 5, add dots to the back heal of the shoe.

Make sure your paint is fully dry before adding laces!


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