Ombre fabric painted lace flower

When making quick and easy-to-sew flowers lace is the way to go. However, I am often aggravated by the limited colors that you can get lace in…usually only white, cream or black…BORING! So when I saw Simply Spray fabric paint I was super excited.

Simply Spray is exactly like it sounds, spray paint for fabric. It is quick and easy compared to mixing up dye in pots. Plus, you can use exactly what you need unlike mixing vats of fabric dye. I decided to try use the fabric paint to make an ombre piece of lace for a fabric flower pin.

40″ of 1.5″ wide lace in white or cream
Simply Spray fabric paint for upholstery
Rubber gloves
Drop cloth or old towel
Millinery needle
Glass beads
Gator clip
X-acto or utility knife
Marking Chalk
Hot Glue

  1. Outside or in a well ventilated area spread out your drop cloth. Wearing your gloves, take the lace and saturate it with water. Lay the lace on the drop cloth in a straight line. Using the Simply Spray fabric paint spray the bottom of the lace. When spraying mine I actually aimed the spray paint slightly below the bottom of the lace.* Because the lace is wet the paint will bleed to create the ombre effect.

    *NOTE: Before you spray your lace you might want to test spray a few scraps to get a feel for using the fabric paint. I wanted a light ombre but depending on where you spray you can create a more saturated paint look.

  2. After the lace is thoroughly dry, run a stitch at the bottom of the lace and gather it tightly and tie off the thread.
  3. Spiral the lace in a tight circle to form the flower. Stitch the layers in place through the center. Sew a cluster of beads to the center of the flower. How many is up to you, you just need enough to cover the “ugly” center of the flower. I chose to do a big cluster.
  4. Cut a piece of felt in a 1.75″ circle.
  5. Using your chalk mark on the felt circle where to slit the felt to slip on the pin and gator clip. I used both because I interchange my flowers between lapel pin and hair clip but you can do just one or the other depending on how you want to use the accessory. Carefully cut small slits for the pin/clip. Slip your pin/clip through the openings.
  6. Glue the felt backer to the back side of your flower.

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4 thoughts on “Ombre fabric painted lace flower”

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