No Sew Easy Felt Flower

Sorry it has been such a long, long time that I have come up with any new tutorials. Lets just say life and family things got busy…but it is a new year and I want to start it off good. What better way to start off then with an easy felt flower tutorial? I love felt and flowers so here we go.

Hot glue gun
1/8 of a yard felt

  1. Print out the pattern below. (Use the scale to make sure the print out is the correct size). Cut the felt so you have 4 of each size petal. NOTE: you can make a larger or smaller flower by increasing or decreasing the number of petals.

  2. Starting with one of the small petals, glue a line along the bottom straight edge of the petal. Roll the petal into a tube like shape, this creates the center of your flower.
  3. Take another small petal and glue along the bottom, wrap this petal around the first petal roll you just made.

    Continue gluing petals around the center going from smallest to largest petals on the outside.

  4. Play with the outside larger petals, folding and creasing them to give them a rose petal shape.

To Assemble a cluster brooch
If you would like to make the three flower cluster brooch seen above you will need a few more supplies:

  • 1″ pin 
  • Felt in 2 other colors

I made two flowers using the exact directions above and one smaller flower. For the smaller flower instead of cutting 4-petals in each size only cut and use 3-petals. I mounted the flowers on a felt triangle that I cut to fit behind the flowers and I glued the pin to the back using hot glue.

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