No Sew, Felt Flower headband

Fall and felt just go hand in hand. So what better fall craft to make than out of felt? This cute headband is easy to make and would be great for those back to school outfits.

Felt (I used 2 colors)
Headband (optional, I put mine on a headband but you can easily make this into a pin or clips)
Computer and printer or compass
Hot glue gun

  1. Print out the pattern below. (Use the scale to make sure the print out is the correct size). Out of the felt cut two 2.75″, two 2.25″ and three 1.75″ circles. I used 2 colors so I cut one of each color in each size. As far as the odd 1.75 circle that is left the color can be either one because it is the backer to attach the flower to the headband.
  2. Holding the two largest circles together, cut slits all around the edge to create a fringe affect. Repeat this step with two of the 2.25 and 1.75 circles.
  3.  Put a dab of hot glue in the center of on of the larger circles. Place the other large circle on top of it and pinch the center with your fingers. Pinching the fabric adds dimension to the end flower. WARNING: the hot glue can soak through the fabric so be careful not to burn yourself! Repeat this step with the remaining fringed circles going from largest to smallest (largest on the bottom).
  4. Hot glue a button to the center.
  5. OPTIONAL–Take your headband and figure out where on the headband you want your flowers. (I made two flowers for my headband but you can make one.) Glue the last small circle to the back of the flower making sure to sandwich the headband in place between the two pieces.

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