Homage to Jill Masterson

So for the few people out there who actually read my blog postings on DesignbyNight.blogspot.com you will know that one of my first blogs was about bags of Barbies and how I would love to use them to craft. Well thanks to a little James Bond inspiration and a dressy affair at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore my wish came true.

Since the fundraiser was themed after the movie Goldfinger, a friend and I came up with our own little homage to Jill Masterson, the unforgettable Bond girl who was covered in gold. Call me sick, but it was fun to watch Jill chop saw the legs and we giggled a great deal during the entire creative process. Slightly perverted and way over the top crafts can be a blast to make. So I thought I would share some of this cheeky sophistication with you.

Me and Jill Popowich at the Creative Alliances Marquee Ball

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