Flower Anklet Tutorial

I love looking at fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. I usually see a ton of things that I love and can’t afford but the photography and fashion usually provide me with lots of inspiration. I could say that Vogue and Prada inspired me but to call a spade a spade this tutorial is crafty affordable knock-off. If you are wondering here is my inspiration from a Prada ad:

Prada’s anklet

Yes those shoes are banging but the tutorial is actually for a knock off flower anklet bracelet. If I can figure out how to craft the shoes I will totally pass that along but honestly I would rather figure out how I could afford to buy them…who needs to eat right?

My knock off, much cheaper anklet (man I need a pedi!)

2-Loop Bracelets 7.2″ for Covered Buttons—I got mine from Cover Button City on Etsy
Jewelry pliers or needle nose (it helps to have 2 for a better grip but it is not necessary)
6 to 8 (depending on the size of your ankle) Resin Chrysanthemum Flower Cabochons Accessory 15x8mm—I got mine from charismabeads on Etsy
E-6000 glue
Measuring tape and ruler

  1. Measure your ankle making sure to add a little extra so the ankle bracelet isn’t too tight.
  2. Using a ruler lay out the one of the bracelets along the ruler. Using your pliers take the second bracelet and remove the clasp.

    Take the second bracelet (the one you just removed the clasp on) and figure out how much extra chain you need to add to a bracelet to make your anklet.

  3. Using the pliers shorten the second bracelet buy opening the jump ring. Then take the second bracelet and attach it with the jump rings to the first making sure that you have a jump ring on the open end that can be used with the clasp.

    Note: the ends of the anklet should look like this:

  4. Layout the anklet out on a flat surface and figure out the placement for the cabachons (I did every other one).

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