A Jewel of a Cookbook

For those who have followed my blog for awhile, you will know that I love old cookbooks and like to use them while crafting. There is nothing better than flipping through one and finding some crazy recipe you have never heard of (and would never make) like Ham Loaf or Lamb Ring.

So this morning while I was cleaning out one of my drawers I came across the Jewel Cook Book, Recipes for Good Eating. This cookbook was a freebie that the company gave away in hopes that people would make recipes using their products. I often find that the old give away cookbooks are the best for finding amusing recipes and sometimes advertisements and this cookbook was no exception. Needless to say the Jewel Cook Book is a treasure trove of quirky advertising finds. Here are just a few (feel free to ad your own comments!):

I know the designer was going for the “just like gramdmom’s” feel but honestly the disembodied floating grandmom head is kind of disturbing. It looks like someone chopped off her head and mounted it to the page like a deer head.

What’s your belief? My belief is that if you can’t think of a good concept word bubbles are a great way to go. I have never seen people so happy about a cleaner…maybe they are sniffing it instead of cleaning with it?

And last but not least my favorite, I am a sucker for these old illustrations. I always wear heals and a skirt anytime I clean my floors with Bruce!

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