about Design by Night

Design by Night is made up of a husband and wife team supervised by their dog Rufus (who is tough quality control). Working by the light of the moon, we specialize in making unique and unusual chapeaus using untraditional hat decorations. Our creations include:

  • Hats of Curiosity—themed hats inspired by victorian cabinets of curiosity and wonder. These hats serve as a collection to reflect particular curiosities of their wearer. These hats are dominated by aesthetic concerns and a marked predilection for the exotic.
  • Teacup Fascinators–born from an invitation to a tea party. This hat was designed and handmade from the saucer up out of fabric and millinery materials. These fascinators are a Design by Night original!
  • Steampunk
  • Day of the Dead Flower and Skull Crowns–influenced by paintings and photos of one of our favorite artist, Frida Kahlo, these headbands celebrate here aesthetic and fashion style.
  • Woodland crowns–including unicorn and satyr horns, faire crowns and fawn antlers.
  • Witch Hats
  • Pirate Hats–worn best while drinking rum
  • Whimsical Flights of Fancy—we firmly believe anything can be a hat and love to prove it! Using unusual items, shapes and craft to design unique and eclectic headwear.
Kolleen from Design by Night surrounded by her sweet creations
Rufus Kilduff, Quality Control and Task Master
Michael Kilduff, sexy salesman, hat assembler and brawn

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Teacup Fascinators
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Pirate Hats
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